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Forget all the negativity?...
There is always going to be negatives in our lives, but how we handle them is what can separate us from the group...
The unwary customer...
You know the ones I am talking about. Maybe you are even one of them?
The customers that see you coming from a mile away, and begin have that uneasiness look coming across their face. This uneasiness we all feel comes from years of sales people with the mentality of "sell at all cost", "Never let the customer say no", "Keep pushing them until they agree on something".
First thing is Mary Kay Cosmetics never wishes her sales people to sell like this, so we don't. Second, you don't have to sell like a bloodhound with this product. No pressuring the customer into buying or becoming part of the team. Simple put, just approach you customer with honesty.
An informed customer is the repeat customer...
You must be a well-informed consultant when selling your product to the customer. Being well informed will prepare you for any questions about the product the customer my come to you with. Dress to your customers. I know Mary Kay says always dress up, but sometimes dressing (not down) to match the clients will make you that much more approachable. Everything takes time and with anything done multiple times only gets easier.
Negative Mary Kay Cosmetic Talk...
We have all seen them when we search online. Websites setup to specifically talk down or try and sell you on how bad Mary Kay is. Believe me, I am not saying Mary Kay is a success for every single person whom signs up, but to say that it does not work is also a false. There are plenty of success stories out there that show how Mary Kay is making them money everyday; so if Mary Kay is something you want to try, then by all means you can succeed at it.
A lot of people going into Mary Kay do not have a clear understanding of what is involved, and what it will take to be successful. That is why it is very important that the you talk with a current consultant so that you can become well informed. If you are not a hundred percent sure of something always ask your consultant or someone within the group. Being prepared is a must! This has to be your choice. Do you really want to sell Mary Kay? What is it that you want out of it? If you don't like it, then get out. It's your choice; no one should be pressuring you to do anything.

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