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Sales Leads...
In order to make sales, you have to approach potential customers. Prospects may initiate the approach by coming to you or by calling, mailing, or e-mailing with requests for information. Part of your Sales/Service Process is creating a standard for greeting prospects, making them feel welcome, and responding to their requests or visits. Regardless of who initiates the approach, the objective is to establish rapport with the prospect and determine the level of interest in your Mary Kay services. You will need to spend a great deal of effort, time marketing your Mary Kay products. Interacting effectively with prospects is critical to making sales.
Sales Presentation...
1. Consultative Selling
In a consultative selling approach, sales representatives diagnose each customer's particular situation and needs. The goal is to find out if the benefits the sales representative can provide to match the needs of the customer. They ask questions to learn more about the prospects' problems and then collaborate with prospects to consider solutions. This approach is also called solution selling. The emphasis is on the prospects' needs and not on the product or service. The sales representative's objective is to provide the prospect a solution with the company's product or service.
2. Relationship Selling
When using the relationship selling approach, sales representatives first focus on building a relationship with a prospect. Once rapport and trust have been developed, sales representatives provide valuable solutions to meet the prospect's needs and problems. This approach is focused on connecting with people profitably, not on persuading them to buy. By creating and nurturing relationships with prospects, sales representatives can build long-term customers and generate more referrals.
Handle Objections...
During the Sale, you might encounter obstacles that could prevent the sale from closing. Customers may express objections to the price, features or benefits, or their perceived need. The best way to prepare for this step is to anticipate possible objections and be prepared to address them. Use the Yes, and technique when prospects raise objections. Agree with the objection (the yes) and then offer additional information that will influence the sale (the and). Avoid acting defensively. Objections are part of the sales process and provide opportunities to close the sale.
Service and Repeat Sales...
Contacting customers after transactions are completed to check on their satisfaction and to determine if additional opportunities exist. Most businesses overlook this step and lose repeat sales and referral opportunities. This part of the sales and service process is about being responsive to customers when they contact them. In almost every industry, building a strong business depends on repeat sales and referrals. If current customers and their referrals generated 20 or 30 percent of your company's new business, you would spend less on marketing costs and build a strong and loyal base of customers.

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